Michelle Harris

BA, DipEdPsych, DipSOHyp, MPsych, MAPS

Michelle Harris has been a practising registered psychologist since 1993, specialising in treating eating disorders, weight loss, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She has been actively involved in the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria (EDFV), and was the president of the EDFV. In addition, Michelle specialises in treating survivors of sexual abuse and treating people coping with cancer. Her other specialist areas include post-natal depression, dealing with the process of IVF, anxiety and phobias, sports performance, pain management, anxiety, Misophonia and bullying.

Michelle is the co-founder of CPConsulting, and has been instrumental in creating this unique Melbourne practice that offers a diverse range of psychological services for individuals and organisations. Michelle is uniquely qualified to provide clients with her psychological expertise as she coaches them through navigating workplace issues such as team roles and where they fit in a team, managing difficult relationships, defining who they are as individuals and what they want to contribute.

Michelle uses client centred/solutions-oriented focus. She works with a systemic approach looking at all factors within a person’s life that they can alter to provide themselves with a better outcome. She uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, hypnosis, Mindfulness techniques and coaching skills in her therapy sessions. She has extensive experience with life coaching and executive coaching; enjoying the process of energising and motivating people who are ready to make progress in their lives and careers.

Michelle’s tailored recovery programs include face-to-face therapy, group workshops as well as Skype/phone consultations for ongoing support and psychological maintenance. (She is also developing a series of stress management Apps, following on from a series of stress management CDs.)