We cannot solve our problems if we use
the same thinking we used when we created them
– Albert Einstein

Psychological Services for Individuals,
Couples, Children and Families

Employee Assistance Programs

Mental Health First Aid Training

Pre-employment psychological screening

Medico-legal services

About us


  • We work together to find ways to help our clients progress, develop and thrive.

    Simon Kinsella


CPConsulting is a leading psychology practice in Melbourne. It offers its clients a range of services for optimum health and wellbeing. Led by Dr Simon Kinsella and Michelle Harris, they have more than 55 years’ combined expertise in working with a range of clients including individuals, couples, families, executives and organisations. They lead a team providing the highest quality coaching, counselling, advisory and assessment services to businesses and individuals.

CPConsulting offers clients the expertise of specialist consultants across a wide range of psychological and executive performance disciplines. CPConsulting is also sought after for its expertise in managing the psychological health of sporting, executive and entertainment individuals and groups. Both Dr Simon Kinsella and Michelle Harris are leaders in their fields. Michelle Harris has previously held non-executive roles with the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria (EDFV) and Dr Simon Kinsella has a portfolio of leadership positions including Chairman of the Victorian State Committee of the Australian Psychological Society and Honorary Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne. He also has an ongoing role as series psychologist for the MasterChef Australia, Lego Masters, Gogglebox and Junior MasterChef. He is a regular media commentator on a range of psychological issues.