Mental Health Screening

  • Our approach is to start with our clients’ strengths and build from there.

    Michelle Harris, CPConsulting Director


Prevention of mental illness saves money. PWC (2014) found that every dollar spent on wellness saves industry approximately $2.40 through reduced absenteeism and reduced presenteeism, reduced workers’ compensation claims, and increased engagement in work. Mental Health Checkups provide an opportunity for workers to understand their current wellbeing, and risk profile and to make plans to nurture peak mental health. To find out more about CPConsulting’s “Check Up from the Neck Up” click here.

CPConsulting offers a full suite of proactive preventative, treatment and specialty executive psychological services to business. A key pillar of this service is Mental Health Screening. This assessment involves clients completing several psychological tests through an easily managed online system. CPConsulting then provides expert assessment. This service is intended to be a screening test, to highlight any potential mental health problems or risks, and to give broad advice about possible solutions to risk.


The client completes a range of testings that assess physical health, quality of life and emotional wellbeing. Results are analysed and summarised by CPConsulting and data is then provided to the client for inclusion in confidential health assessment reports. Results are provided in plain English not psychological jargon, to ensure clients can easily understand the feedback.


Dr Simon Kinsella

Dr Simon Kinsella is the lead psychologist in the mental health checks CPConsulting team. Dr Kinsella is a clinical and consulting psychologist who has been registered and practicing since 1993. He currently holds the following memberships and positions:

  • Director of Corporate and Personal Consulting
  • Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society
  • Fellow of the College of Clinical Psychologists
  • Independent Medical Examiner for the TAC
  • Honorary Fellow, Department of Psychology, Deakin University

Previous positions held include:

  • Chairman of the Victorian State Committee of the Australian Psychological Society
  • Honorary Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne
  • Independent Medical Examiner for the TAC and Worksafe (statutory appointment)
  • Member of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law
  • Deputy Chair, ACT, Tasmanian and Victorian regional board of the Psychology Board of Australia (statutory appointment)
  • Member of the Disciplinary Review Board of the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA) (statutory appointment)

Dr Kinsella is responsible for determining the testing procedures to be used, devising report structures for all reports to clients, setting quality standards, recruiting appropriately qualified psychologists, training psychologists in our methods. Dr Kinsella also performs some of the assessments and reporting personally, and prepares and delivers some of the workshops.

Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris is an Executive Director of CPConsulting and is a renowned psychologist in Melbourne who has been working with executives for 20 years. She has held board positions at the Melton Campus at Victoria University, and at the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria.

She has extensive experience in working with executives in areas such as:

  • management of stress at work;
  • improving work place dynamics;
  • personal relationship focus and development;
  • cornerstones of leadership;
  • and assisting with the identification of pathways to greater success.

Michelle also specialises in identifying the individual success and risk factors for executives, thus enabling them to proactively plan, build resilience and achieve their potential – in all areas of their lives.

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