360 Degree Feedback

With the right expertise, 360º feedback is a powerful tool for self-reflection, insight and strategy. It gives team members the space to provide feedback on colleagues’ behaviour and skills. This feedback can be a powerful indicator of behaviour and performance. CPConsulting understands the complexities (and politics) of team dynamics and how to harness 360º feedback for individual and team development.

CPConsulting uses a variety of tools to assess team sentiment and deliver meaningful feedback. CPConsulting tailors each 360º feedback session to ensure that the most relevant assessment tools for the team are used.

Our clients use CPConsulting’s 360º feedback services for situations including:

  • Performance diagnostics
  • Staff skill measurement
  • Leadership development programs
  • Self-reflection
  • Executive coaching programs
  • HR strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Executive off-sites
  • Training needs analysis

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