Manager Assistance

We work with managers who are dealing with difficult staff and other workplace stresses. We assist managers to achieve the best outcomes for employees, teams and the organisation in situations including:

  • Critical incidents
  • CPC on-demand telephone counselling on workplace matters
  • Expertise on personnel problems
  • Conflict management
  • On-the-spot trouble shooting
  • Conflict resolution, HR advice
  • Employee performance issues

CPConsulting has specialists on call to support clients dealing with critical workplace incidents and issues that need urgent, expert attention. Managers can contact CPConsulting between 8:00am-6:00pm to access timely, professional, confidential advice. The aim is to provide recommendations that reduce conflict, stress and risk around sensitive staffing matters. The CPConsulting service also takes into account the duty of care employers have to staff, in particular in relation to mental health issues.

Common conflicts addressed by CPConsulting’s Manager Assistance include:

  • Managing staff suffering from anxiety, depression, outbursts and/or irrational behaviour
  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism*
  • Conflict between staff members
  • Concerns about unusual staff behaviour

*Presenteeism describes the scenario when employees are able to attend the workplace, but are not able to work at their full capacity because they are unwell (either physically or mentally), distracted by problems in their personal lives, or are becoming disengaged from their work.  Working at less than capacity costs employers because they not only get less than can be reasonably expected from the individual employee, but the inability of the one team member can impact on the efficiency of entire teams.

Contact us here or on (03) 8317 0444 to inquire about fees. After hours emergency support is also available. Find out more here.