Your Rights and Responsibilities

Qualified psychologists are committed to providing quality care and treatment for clients. Promoting the rights and responsibilities of clients is an important part of this commitment.

A client of CPConsulting is a person (child, adolescent, or adult) receiving the service.

The Australian Psychological Society and the Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria has a code of practice (based on legislation) which sets out clients’ rights and responsibilities.

As a client of these services you have the right to:

  1. be treated with dignity and respect regardless of cultural background or other personal beliefs;
  2. receive a competent and professional service
  3. be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of your treatment (including clarification of your treatment goals and the number of session required);
  4. be given clear explanations of the treatment and\or tests being recommended, (including any risks and alternative options);
  5. receive a clear explanation of all costs involved
  6. refuse treatment (unless subject to mental health legislation);
  7. the information you give to any therapist to be treated in the strictest confidence and to only be shared with those who are directly involved in your primary care. In circumstances where, in the opinion of your therapist, there is an issue of concern about the safety of yourself or another person, the therapist has a legal duty to follow Department of Human Services regulations by making a notification of the concern to the appropriate authorities.
  8. request the services of an advocate or interpreter at any stage during treatment if, for example, you have difficulty hearing or if English is not your first language
  9. give your consent for release of any information from the case file to another person or agency. Wherever possible your wishes will be respected. In rare and specific circumstances, should the file be subpoenaed to appear in court, the therapist is obliged to make contents of the file available to the court;
  10. request a second opinion from another therapist;
  11. receive a service without sexual harassment, exploitation or coercion
  12. make a complaint about the type of service you are receiving, either to the service or to an external complaints body

Your Responsibilities

As a client of CPConsulting, and as far as you are able, it is your responsibility to:

  1. inform your therapist about your relevant medical history;
  2. ask for a clear explanation of the treatment and\or tests being recommended;
  3. become involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of your treatment;
  4. ask about the consequences or alternatives for you should you refuse the recommended treatment;
  5. make every effort to attend appointments arranged;
  6. let the service know if you are unable to keep your appointment (a cancellation fee is charged with less than 1 full working days notice);
  7. inform the service of any difficulties with the treatment being proposed because of religious, cultural, language, ethnicity, gender or other factors;
  8. respect the rights, property and privacy of other clients;