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Speaking with confidence can change your life in many ways.  In the work context it enables you to stand out from the crowd.  It gives you the opportunity to show case your abilities, and it accelerates development of networks.  Both of these factors contribute to faster career progression, and greater job satisfaction.


Public speaking provides opportunities to build a public profile and become recognised as an expert in your field.  Those opportunities might be through conferences, workshops or media opportunities.


On a personal level, public speaking can have significant benefits to self esteem.  The feedback from speaking well is incredibly compelling, and not only improves confidence with speaking, but also leads to higher levels of confidence in other aspects of life.


Speakers gym is a new forum that provides members with the opportunity to learn and practice the psychological tools to overcome the fear of public speaking.   


Weekly sessions cover specific topics regarding the building confidence and overcoming fears.  Members then have the opportunity to give short presentations to the group, in a positive environment.  All members are filmed while presenting, so they can review their performance at home, and learn about the skills and techniques that need more of their attention.  The combination of learning and practicing is a powerful method of building confidence quickly.


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